What is a beta testers role

What is the actual role of a beta tester, what commitment do they have to make and how do I become one if interested?

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I believe you read the story and give feedback but I don’t think you can just become one. You are randomly selected I think

Thanks I was wondering if they tried out new things for episode like they did with the tappable and timed overlays

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Oh okay. I believe that everyone gets given the code for tappable overlays and timed choices but the beta testing in that case is whether the code will change in the future. I may be wrong

@Liz might have an answer for you

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Sometimes in the past @/episodecreators on IG or one of the forum moderators has posted an expression of interest for beta testers. I applied to one aaaaggggessss ago, made the cut and after that, I actually got directly invited to participate in one or two more.

A beta tester gets to test out new features. For example (and I got to post these on my IG stories), one thing I tested was a wardrobe feature. You play around with it. Sometimes you can publish and sometimes you can’t. You let Episode know your thoughts and tell them if you find any errors.

The tappable overlays was an open beta. Some people got invited initially (I was one), but we got told we could invite our friends. Sometimes betas are closed and only the people invited/on the list get to participate.

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