What is “a chosen one” cliche?

And the second question, do you personally like stories including this?

Well, an author of a chosen one story is here! Hello! :wave:t2:

What I define a chosen one cliche is, you have your MC, -usually females- with a typical shy & heroic persona, (this is the usual one, might be different for some stories) something supernatural happens, something awakens inside them, yada yada yada andddd they somehow have the strongest powers, they are the chosen one.

This is an overdone plot -hence why it’s called cliche- but aren’t all stories the same inspired/altered by something anyway?

To answer your question, I like this cliche, if it’s good, this cliche won’t be enough to keep your readers on the hook. You have to put A LOT of work into the super powers they gain. It can’t be something like “Oh she controls water” okay, but how? Why is she the chosen one? Why not someone else? Why does she have the strongest powers- You must have an answer to all of these questions. Create your universe, before you start writing.

Overall I like them. :slightly_smiling_face:

My chosen one story

I told you what to do but I didn’t give any examples, if you want to know how to create your own universe, I’ll give you a few tips and examples. You can DM me as well.

Let’s start.

Alrighty, before everything, I must say that I’m a fantasy writer. I always written fantasy even when I was 12 years old. I remember pulling out my long slim journal and writing small plot ideas on it in the middle of English class. I should’ve paid attention so I could avoid grammar mistakes…Eh, can’t change the time :rofl: I wouldn’t go into details, I would just write the plot, the first episode, and which actress/actor would play who… After discovering Episode and learning English enough for daily life, I went ahead and started learning how to script on Episode.

My first story (the chosen one cliche) was about a 17-year-old girl Norwegian-American girl, who only had 1 friend -not because she’s shy, she simply doesn’t need many friends- and was constantly analyze people and situations before taking action. You could say that she’s no ordinary MC of Episode stories, she wasn’t “badass” either. She was…just smart enough to know how to respond to everything.

One night, she missed the bus to her home. She had to walk 30 minutes to get to her home. She panicked a bit then calmed down, took a deep breath and started heading to her house, but right before she took her first step, someone who’s been running for miles stopped by the bus stop. A woman with an open wound asked her help, when MC tried to run, woman was able to control her blood stream, the injured woman controlled her limbs and put MC’s hand in her open wound. And MC became the “chosen one.”

Now, what did you learn about the MC? This is the first two minutes of the story. We learned that she is good at analyzing things, that’s why she decided to run away than helping the woman, she would have to deal with cops and she was scared to see someone die right before her eyes, so she tried escaping. She’s strong but has her fears at the same time. This is what I call an unique MC. She is not a Mary Sue, she’s not flawless even though she’s smart enough to be.

This was the thing about my story. It had a cliche plot. But I think I made it bearable. (I got 20 readers without advertising anywhere so…) It wasn’t unique, but I got readers, because I put effort into so many little things. Even the names of every character was important. I created my own universe, by analyzing everything that can happen. And this is the key. Make your story realistic even though it is a fantasy story. And you will stand out from anyone else. Create your universe by asking yourself questions.

Hope I was able to teach a few things even though this is short… If you need help with creating your own universe just DM me. I’ll be glad to help. :blush:


I love chosen one cliches :heart_eyes::joy:

Usually chosen one cliches go like this parents dead -> Birthday or Something activates lost Powers -> Only one who can save the world


What an amazing answer, thank you very much! I’ve got one idea in my mind, so I will absolutely DM you for advice💋

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