What is a cliche that you HATE

I mean- you read the title :wink:

Personally, I cannot STAND mafia love stories. Middle school me read wayyy too many of those- I’m all burned out.

What about you guys?

  • “I have my sources.” Lies, man. You got my phone number because you stalked me and found out.
  • “I’m so ugly because I wear glasses and braces.” Just, no.
  • “I’m the most feared man in the world.” Doubt it.
  • “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Overused.
  • “He was built like a Greek God.” No human is that handsome.
  • “F*ck. What is she doing to me?” Turning you on, duh. :roll_eyes:

If you want more, you can check out my thread here.


A misogynist with a soft spot for LI. Like “you’re not like all the other girls I’ve met, you’re different, you’re not easy like the rest of them, you give me a challenge” and then pick me LI goes “he’s so different around me, he’s only ever slept with other sl*ts but I’m a virgin” as if her boyfriend is somehow excused from those insults she throws at other women because he’s a guy.


The love interest being a bad person in every way possible.


“We’re too different.”

“I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

“Staying with me is too dangerous.”

“I could get lost in his eyes.”

“I could see the outlines of his abs through his shirt.” (He normally has a jacket on too lmao).

“He pinned me to the wall.”

“I’ll make your life a living hell if you don’t stay away from him!”

“I’m not good for you.”

“I don’t do relationships.”

“His abs were rock hard.”

“Do I make you nervous?”

“You know what’s going to happen if you keep touching me like that.”


I used that, but its kinda used as an insult, your not like any other woman I meet. your rude and mean.

something like that, its a bit many chapters since I used so I dont remember right wording.


Totally agree. They’re terrible.

I’m not a big fan of love at first sight :joy:
I don’t believe that you can fall in love with someone by just taking one look at them. I get that you can be attracted to a person after one encounter, but wanting to marry that person or spend the rest of your life with them is too much.


Dang the mafia hate is real :sob: I wish I would have known this before I got so far in my story makes me not want to complete it. I guess that explains why my reads aren’t as large as I’d expected.

:woman_shrugging:t4: On to the next story

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This line is always like a direct hit to me. I feel so targeted :nerd_face:

But yea, basically all of the lines you just listed make me physically cringe when I read them.

FOR REAL. This always bothers me. Like- the LI has done terrible things and is a horrible person but the MC is like “You don’t see the same side that I do” :roll_eyes:

… And then they proceed to go into a relationship

Me neither. I’m a slow burn kinda gal :smirk:

Hahaha not trying to bash mafia story writers. If it’s done the right way then it isn’t terrible. I just don’t like the “damsel in distress” MC who falls for a terrible guy (who has probably killed more people than he has met) and they all live happily ever after.

And you should complete your story!! Girl you have put in this much effort, don’t stop now! Mafia stories may not be my cup of tea, but there are a lot of readers who love them. Don’t let my negative -ss get in your way of writing the story that you wanna write.


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Oh, I forgot about the last one. Takes notes.

High school stories in general. They’re all the same.


Which is why I’m trying so hard to make mine unique. It may not reach 1 mil reads, but it will be read by somebody because of its uniqueness!

Overconfident, I know :joy:


When all the guys in the story are 6”6 and all of the girls like 5”0. Like why is the height difference so big?? There all tall girls & short guys as well :sob:


• The “I love you MC, I like you MC, I have feelings for you MC and I want to be with you MC but i’m gonna spend 95% of the story hooking up with other girls, making out with other girls, dating other girls, talking to other girls and doing a lot of it right in front of you too but if you even look at another guy you’re an unloyal hoe who doesn’t truly wanna be with me and doesn’t truly have feelings for me because if you did you wouldn’t do that! YoU’rE mY pRoPeRtY it’s not fair :sob:” toxic love interest cliche. Because nothing says “I have feelings for you and wanna be with you” more then you continuing to get with other people :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

• The “I treat everyone like shit, bully people, have zero redeeming qualities whatsoever, think i’m god’s gift to the world, cheat on my boyfriends, stab my friends in the back, act like I have it bad the worst anyone who’s ever lived has had it when in reality my parent’s are loaded are good parents give me everything I want and I don’t go without emotionally or materialistically, all attractive women are my sworn enemies, all men have to pay attention to me and only me and no other women, if I see another girl with a guy i’ll purposely try to get with that guy, I sleep with everyone and their momma but will slut shame other women and men who do the same thing then i’ll pull a woe is me, cry, complain and wonder why no one likes me” mean girl cliche. Jheeze I wonder why no one likes you cause I don’t get it either :skull:

• The “i’m legally an adult but i’m still gonna live with my borderline abusive parents, let them treat me badly, let them control my life, bow down to them and spend a solid 50% of the story complaining about it but never actually do anything to fix my situation” cliche. I grew up in an abusive home but moved out as soon as I legally was able to (which was 17 at the time where I live), hate seeing people being weak letting other people treat them badly never standing up for themselves, hate seeing bad people getting away with their actions, hate when people bitch about their problems but do nothing to change it basically this kinda thing goes 100% against my nature and it’s triggering asf feels like i’m reliving my past :upside_down_face:

• The “My girlfriend/fiancé/wife who was my soul mate passed away but i’m lonely asf so i’ll settle for you MC but you bet your sweet ass i’ll make sure to always talk about my deceased partner, to always compare you to my deceased partner and always say how much I love and miss them so you won’t forget that you were my second option, that you’ll NEVER be as perfect as they were and if they were still alive I wouldn’t even give you the time of day” love interest cliche. Ooh please daddy tell me again how I ain’t shit compared to them it totally gets me :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::woman_facepalming:t2::skull:

• The “I know you suffer from severe depression, have been through traumatic things and suffer from a whole host of other mental health issues because of the trauma you endured and continue to endure MC but get tf over it already it ain’t that big a deal and it’s something that can totally be overcome within a few seconds! Oh and by the way the entire time i’m gonna pretend to care about you and pretend to understand how depression trauma and other mental health issues work when in reality I don’t and I just straight up won’t even care enough to understand any of it but you won’t find that out until later in the story so ssshhh :shushing_face:” cliche that usually a family member or friend pulls on the MC :woman_facepalming:t2:

Probably could think of a lot more but those are the only ones I can think of right now :sweat_smile:


You’re being really generous with that 5’0 and 6’6 :rofl: Usually the girls in those stories are in the 4’0 range and below and the guys are 7’0 and above :skull:


Cliché stuff like:

  • Mean girls that hates MC for no reason (serious no girl or guy is that mean to someone else irl);
  • Creepy alley guys (not in every alley is a creepy guy, what about creepy girls or creepy guys in a restaurant in bright day light?);
  • Bad boys and Criminal Lovers (serious Criminals as LI are so wrong! :woman_facepalming:);
  • And as an extra to @Audacious_Writer → ‘Oh, his abs…’ (A man is more than his abs. To be honest: I love my boyfriend due to his personality, not because he has abs. :roll_eyes: Because he doesn’t have them. :mask: :zipper_mouth_face: :clown_face:);
  • A picture perfect MC ( sorry I don’t wanna read a story with a MC who is so over innocent. Every individual has his/her flaws, that makes them unique. An over innocent MC is unreal.);
  • LI and MC falling in love instantly (serious, that is so unreal. In real life you don’t fall in love instantly → at least I didn’t. Let feelings of the characters grow, before you make them fall in love. :wink: );
  • Family members dying of cancer, murder or car accidents (please stop k*lling family members, let those family members live in peace);
  • Cheating exes (Relationships can end in other ways, not only cheating :woman_facepalming: Exes aren’t always bad. :woman_shrugging:).

For the rest I can’t think of anything else, but I will give a scream if I found something new. :wink:

Love A-W


To get any further at my previous rant, I will use my sarcasm on everything you mentioned @schittwriter. :wink: :clown_face: :laughing: :laughing:

So, what? :woman_shrugging:

But still you did. :raised_hands: (I am talking to the bad boys that treat the MC’s like :poop: ).


Well, his eyes are not his personality. I could be lost in his eyes, but that changes nothing for the rest. :woman_shrugging:

No comment. You’re totally right, buddy. I can’t see his abs through a jacket and abs means nothing to me. :raised_hands:

Now, I feel like a splatted fly against a wall. :blush:

I’m born in hell, so let it come to me. I don’t care. :smiling_imp:

And I’m not good for you, either. Bless your heart. :clap:

So, why are you talking to me? :woman_shrugging:

That will hurt if you slap him.

No, you make my stomach turn, criminal LI. :roll_eyes:

You touch me back? :woman_shrugging: Who cares? I don’t. :clap:


Ex boyfriends/ girlfriends reappearing in the MC or LI’s lives and things become a war of the words, and or a cat fight.


I am doing a spin on that right now. where the ex is a very sweet person.


mafia man i can explain how much i hate the cliche about them hot sexy but they are some ugly old man that can kill you if you know too much