What is a good site/app to make edits and artwork on for my episode story?


I’ve seen so many amazing art edits and video edits :heart_eyes: I was wondering what apps or websites people have used to make them.

Does anybody know what apps to use? or how the edits are created?
How do people get a hold of the episode scenes from their story to make a video edit? :smile:


Ibis paint x



(It’s an amazing app that can be used for edits.)


Is the app free? :slight_smile:


yes. And for texts like titles use Phonto which is also free.


Do you know how I can get the episode scenes from my story to make a video edit?




you have to video record it or screenshot


I reccomend Ibis Paint X for art, and Video Star for video edits. :slightly_smiling_face:


I use photoshop CS6 for my background edits and character edits.


i also recommend cute cut for edits


using this too!