What is a good title for my story?


Im really bad at coming up with titles lol so if anyone has any suggestions I’m open to them and I WILL GIVE CREDIT.

DESCRIPTION: Vampire hunter at night and personal assistant by day. But what happens when your new sexy billionaire boss turns out to be your biggest target? Can you hunt him down? (CC)

Currently i have my story titled as “the vampire hunter” but i want it to be catchy and click baity so if anyone has any suggestions i would REALLY appreciate it lol :slight_smile:


Billionaire Bait
Blood Billionaire

I’m not to good either.


Vampire Hunter & The Billionaire?


thanks :slight_smile:


thank you :slight_smile:

  • The Hunt (Good click bate :wink::rofl:)
  • My opposite
  • Unexpected
  • My billionaire vampire (Also click baity)
    Best of luck with your story!


haha thanks :joy: I like the first one the best :wink:


wait how does the title “Love Bite” or “Bitten” sound :rofl:?


Bitten sound very click baity :wink::joy::rofl:

Love Bites sound like INSANELY CLICK BAITY!! If its a romance I would totally say this one!


Blood Bank. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thanks :slight_smile: