What is a Respectful Story? Links to people who can help

@jade.cherry and @xRubiesAndThrillsx Thank you for willing to provide extra help. :heart:



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Excellent idea! I’d also love to help with:

  • Mexican culture
  • Protestant Christianity
  • Teaching English at a bilingual school in Mexico

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Please don’t hesitate to drop the volunteers a message if you need help! Just remember to be respectful to them. They’re helping you, after all!

I always, always try to get those stereotype that I’ve heard about different groups of people out my head. Of course, I have to know all stereotypes about different groups of people so I can know not to use them. I don’t want to misrepresent anybody; I wouldn’t want that to happen. If I have to do research and read about different things, I do that.

I can help with teenagers expressing themselves through creativity because creativity has been kind of ignored. I’m a teenage girl, and I am creative in story writing; it’s a way of expression. Creativity is a very beautiful thing whether it’s in the form of dance, art, writing, crafts and more. There’s always room to be creative in any form that a person would like to be. It’s okah to think outside the box instead of staying in the box.

I can help with Black Muslims, black LGBTQ+ allies, the African community, mental health, Sunni Muslims, being a black Muslim in America, writing poetry as a a black Muslim woman, learning in Islamic schools, etc…

A lot. Just DM me!


Ooh! The idea of showing that there are religious LGBTQ+ allies really appeals to me! I’ll add you to the list after work! :wink:


Yup, I’m an ally, I have a lot of bisexual friends.


A lot of people have this weird idea that you can’t respect members of the LGBTQ community if you’re Muslim. It would be nice to show that it’s not true


That’s so ridiculous…


Well, I would be glad to help people here :blush:
So, if you want, you can add me in the list of:

  • Being Jewish (or Jewish in Israel) and Judaism
  • Being Ethiopian in Israel (especially the new generation, but also the “old” one {= those who immigrated from Ethiopia}) or/and Israeli.
  • Ethiopia (I speak Amharic as a native language, especially at home)

I know you might find it useless, but that’s the least I can do for those who needs information about the subjects I named above and I know that Mehasels made a post of information about Jewish people, but there are things that she did not go into details (and rightly, because there are subjects in Judaism that are big to detail them, so…). Anyway, I hope I am not being arrogant by offering my help

Ms. @ShanniiWrites, may I ask you: what does it mean? :thinking:

I hope I am not being rude by asking this :slightly_smiling_face:

Bisexual means you’re attracted to both genders: Male and female.

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i’m also here to help for

  • sexual abuse questions
  • being mixed race (african american and latino which ik technincally isn’t a race but still)
  • being dark skinned
  • mental health
  • suicide

you don’t need to add me to your list, but i thought’t i’d let people know i’m also here to help

you’re amazing for making this topic, @ShanniiWrites

I just wonder when shes gonna be online.

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is she gone?

No. She just takes long to get online. :flushed: Different time zones, you know.

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