What is a typical mean girl's minion outfit?

I have a character that is kinda that minion that always follow after the queen bee. I have different types of sidekicks and I want them to look different from each other based on their peronality. She’s the annoying side kick that the queen bee always rejects. Any outfit ideas?

edit: It’s in limelight

What style ink or limelight first

Oh sorry Limelight :relaxed:

Want a screenshot of an outfit?

That would be nice!:relaxed:

I think this looks pretty much like it in my opinion.
It’s fashion and stuff but still can be like a lamer version of someone else.

What do you think?


LOVE IT! Thank you so much!:grinning:

You’re welcome lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha pretty spot on

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