What is a weird thing you do?


I eat uncooked raw parsley because I read its healthy . Yep


Laugh at my own jokes the loudest lol. However, I’m starting to be more matured and less self-centered, so it’s slowly stopping.


I listen to Twenty One Pilots 24/7 and memorize each and every song? Or is that more of an obsession than weird?


s a m e
I don’t know all of them yet but right now I’m obsessively trying to memorise the new songs


Is Levitate harder or Heavydirtysoul? For me it’s Levitate.


Sometimes, I’m about to start eating. But I’m listening to music 90% of the time. So if I hear a certain song, I will literally (reasonably) drop everything and run to the nearest empty part of a room. Just so I can start dancing.

I’ve done this to the point that it takes hours for me to eat. :joy:

Well, I do this when I’m not eating too, but still.


I watch animated tv series :woman_shrugging:

In my opinion, it’s not weird. I enjoy it but my sis is judging me so hard because of that ugh

Right now obsessed with Miraculous : Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. I really love the idea with kwamis and the plot itself. The characters are diverse and unpredictable. :grin:
Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Obsession from two years ago.

Another weird thing is that as soon as I hear some familiar song, I can’t stop myself but start either singing, dancing or both. I just feel like I am on a same wavelength as that song.

Anyone who can relate?


Sometimes when I drop ice on the floor I kick it under the fridge


hAHAH i do that too :slight_smile:


haha for me heavydirtysoul is harder but probably because i started learning levitate as soon as i heard it. currently trying to memorize neon gravestones


Miraculous is so much fun! Are you up to date with season 2?


Yup :joy:
Three more episodes and I’m finishing the season 2. Idk why but I can’t stop watching it lol


Season 2 has so many great new characters, and I loved Style Queen! Do you have a favourite episode?


I haven’t seen Style Queen yet but I really loved these four:

  • The Dark Owl (I was like OMG, their kwamis know who’s under the other mask lol)
  • Glaciator (I enjoy the episodes when there’s Ladybug-Adrien time or Cat Noir-Marinette time)
  • Sirene (Underwater? Great choice. Especially seeing the cat swim.)
  • Frightningale (Adrien and Marinette starring as Cat Noir and Ladybug was hilarious. And those rhymes :joy:)


Dark Owl is so much fun. The headmaster is so strange??? I love it


Mr. Damocles :joy: Anyway, wanna chat through messages? Because idk if we are not going off the topic


I put my tongue out a little every time I do a mistake or a silly thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm I always make weird faces when I am day dreaming :sob::joy:



A weird thing I do

I love sniffing gasoline which is a weird & dangerous thing to do.

I know it’s bad for me but I can’t resist when I’m near it : (

Can anyone relate?