What is a weird thing you do?


Also, sometimes I switch between English and my mother tongue when I’m in the middle of saying something and while I don’t consider it weird other people I’ve talked to do lol.

They tell me “stick to speaking in one, not both”



I have the same problem :joy:
Sometimes, I can’t remember the right word in my mother language so I exchange it with an english word. My mom says it’s annoying because she doesn’t speak English :grin:


I start doing tap dancing when I get hardcore nervous :man_dancing:


…I’m such a weird person I do so much…umm…

  1. When I have a crush on a dude that idk too well. I’ll stalk him like crazy…trust me I’m crazy I got like a whole address and everything.

  2. I like to dance in my kitchen but not when everyone is looking

  3. I like to figure out a crushes job that he wants when he’s older and literally build out life out on Pinterest.

  4. …okay…umm…some guys at my school smell reallyyyyy good…so I sniff them…in the hall…I have problems.

  5. Whenever I’m bored I just jump willy nilly in my seat for no reason.

  6. I’ll pick my phone case like crazy when I’m nervous

  7. I’m a great talker but tend to stutter during presentations.

  8. I like to rawr at people…yes like a lion :joy:…in the halls of my school.

  9. Me and my bestie sits on the back of the school bus and like to ask strangers if we can do their hair.

  10. I like petting raw meat in the store

  11. I’ve thought about eating raw meat a few times

  12. I will pray for a fallin chip no lie did it twice.

  13. I will say:” I’m so hungry I can eat a human.”

  14. When I have a crush on a friend I’ll laugh at anything because to me he’s honestly funny, and I’ll just be so nonchalant with him when really I care too much…guess that’s not weird but yeah.

  15. I laugh when sad things happen in a movie like a death or heartbreak.

  16. When I’m sad I’ll talk to everything in my room

  17. I can’t go to sleep unless I act something out.

I think that’s it for now…hmmmm :sweat_smile: yeah I’m a Interesting soul.


Weird is my mood
lmao that’s my definition


I doo some of the things you mentioned hahah. Some of these things are cool actually I have to admit my mom is an interesting soul.


Teaxh me your ways of being weird mom


Another weird thing I do is listen to Tyler Joseph ( Twenty One Pilots singer ) with his ukulele to sing me to sleep…


I’ll start dancing like a weirdo when my parents aren’t watching :dancer:t2:


Ahahaha samr


I can relate :joy:


I listen the song “Mr Saxobeat” at 11pm and I dance in my kitchen like a crazy.


I laugh at my own jokes in my head then have matching facial expressions in front of people.
lol… good times… good times.

I also have an addiction to gummy worms but only the super fat ones.


Fat gummy worms hahah


That sounds like fun :slight_smile:


I dont know why they come in different sizes but the fat ones just have more flavor.




I start tapping my foot whenever I get tensed or I see an insect.


When I listen songs using my earphones , I change my mood to song’s mood or theme ,If I hear a sad song , I become sad instantly n sometimes even start reliving everything bad that has happened to me till now !!


I start smiling like an idiot when i get tensed or nervous ,I even start laughing sometimes .