What is a weird thing you do?


So I am into public speaking and debates thing in my school. Whenever the competition is tough and I am nervous just before going onto the stage I imagine myself doing the stupidest dance ever. I call it my crazy dance. Lol.

And I can’t sit in one place for more than 5 minutes. I need to be doing something or other to keep myself engaged or i get irritated.

And I like the smell of hospitals. Yep. I am weird.

I make a really weird and extremely loud sound while yawning. And my laughter sounds like the crying of a dying walrus. :joy:


Sharing weird things makes me love people even more


when I was younger to listen to music (a Hannah Montanna song) I’d run to the front room in my seat and my brother and I would race. Then everytime we had a tv show I always used to be 0.1 millisecond from “you get the best of both worlds…!”


So much in common :joy:




Bump :sleeping:


I can’t stay still. Whenever I’m sitting down, I start to bounce or shake one of my legs, and most of the time, I don’t even notice that I’m doing it. I’ve had people ask me why I’m shaking my leg, and that would just make me actually look at my leg and only then would I notice what I’m actually doing. But sometimes I’m very aware, and I just can’t stay still. Maybe it’s something I do when I’m bored, or it could be due to tenseness or stress. And it could be also something I do unconsciously when my mind is off somewhere else and I’m daydreaming.


Me :joy: :joy:


While i listen to my dubstep mix i watch the music background instead of the game and still im better than all opponents


i listen to songs and pretend I’m in the music video.




Whenever I get anxious in a public place, I flap my sweater as if I’m getting hot.


I do that too!

  • If I look at someone from far away, then they look at me, I stretch really big and pretend I never looked at them.
  • Anytime I’m home, I dance anytime I walk.
  • If someone pisses me off in public, and I can’t call them out, I look my nearest acquaintance dead in the eyes and roll my eyes so hard that I nearly fall over.
  • If I’m ever eating and it suddenly gets really quiet, I hold my food in my mouth until there’s noise again, then I continue eating.


When Its been a few minutes after I talked and some one asks me a question , my throat suddenly becomes dry as a desert…

So then I end up coughing and clearing my throat like a dragon that choked on a rock :sweat_smile:


Speak in different accents and sound completely different.

Create a dance trio with me, myself and I.


Whenever I’m listening to music, I imagine myself in the music video


OMG! I love Miraculous!!! But this is a really late reply so…


Haha, again with the late reply, but I do the same exact things.


Something weird I do is practice signing autographs and giving random speeches. I also sometimes think the stupidest stuff that makes me laugh. When I was in high school, I was taking an test and then I thought of something so stupid I started laughing so loud, and this kid choked really weirdly and then i laughed even more.