What is an RP?/

I’ve been seeing RP on forums and I don’t know what they are can someone explain to me what they are?


A roleplay

A roleplay. Like acting out a story line. For instance a highschool role play. Everyone has a character and a personality and they commuicate as if they’re the character.

Oh so they sorta make there own story

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Yeah like a horror one might have 7 suspects and everyone has a character. It’s based on your creativity.

oh okay, How do you join one

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They usually have auditions and instructions on how to join or just search rp and see if they’re looking for people.

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Lol glad you made this thread cause I had no idea what it was

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Guide to RP/SG’s I’ll just plop this here…:wink:

It’s an extremely helpful thread, and although it’s long I suggest reading it for answers :grin:


Oh okay thanks I think I understand what RP are :grinning:

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For sure reading and thanks.

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Np! Happy to help :blush:

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