What is considered an "ending"? How many endings should there be in a story?


I am currently writing a story. When I write a story, I write a summary for each episode and then the episode itself in Google Docs, then do the coding. I know the ending of a story is the wrap up of the story where conflicts are solved and people are dating/not dating a love interest, etc., but what is really an ending? And what does it consist of? How would I organize the endings while writing the summary? I am asking since I am creating covers and want to say the number of endings on it. I know I could just put “multiple endings,” but I am creating a Q&A at the end of each chapter and want to put the question “How many endings are there?” and I want to give a specific number. There are also going to be happy or bad endings.

The story is about a siren who hates humans, but after she sees a human save a siren, she decides to go on land more to see how humans are. She meets a man (who is the only love interest). The player’s choices determines if she favors Sirens or Humans. There is also a test every siren must pass to live in their city. If they fail, they are exiled out of the underwater city and forced to move to another city on their own or be killed. Basically, sirens can’t fail the test without dire consequences.

I am in the process of writing the final episode (there are 7 episodes in total). I am using a point system and gains in the story. The story is quite complicated with a lot of branching. There are three point systems (there are technically four but the fourth isn’t a major plot point and won’t affect the ending). One of the points is the only love interest, and the other point system is where the MC basically has to choose a side to be side with (Humans or Sirens), and this determines where she lives. The test I have mentioned above is a mini game, and the player can either pass or fail the mini game (this is a character point system), and this is another major plot point in the story. She has to do the test no matter how high her Sirens or Humans points are. There are many factors that are determining the ending. The amount of Human or Siren points, if she is dating or not dating the love interest (or not dating if the points are low enough), and if she passed or failed the test also determines the ending. There is also another important choice that happened in a previous episode that will help wrap up the story. Basically, the siren (main character) is captured and who saves her (if someone comes to save her at all) will differ depending the amount of Siren or Human points the player has, if she passed or failed the test, and the important choice I mentioned before. After the siren is or is not saved, I want the endings to happen. There is also another major choice that will only appear if there are a certain amount of points for one of the options.

The thing I’m confused about is that if she is or is not saved, and by whom she is saved by, As I stated before, there will be good or bad endings. Would who she is or is not saved by be part of an ending?

I am sorry if this is confusing. It’s just I’m having a hard time coming up with detailed endings. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. There is a chance the player could have 0 Alexander points, but I will tell the reader at a certain point of the story, they will have to choose to either like or dislike Alexander. There will be a choice for the readers can pick to either to like or dislike Alexander to move the plot along. This is later in the story, though.

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Okay so here are my thoughts :slight_smile:

Determined on your conditions there would be 8 endings:

Orange - passed test, dating LI, more human points
Purple - passed test, dating LI, more siren points
Green - passed test, single, more human points
Yellow - passed test, single, more siren points
Pink - didn’t pass test, dating LI, more human points
Grey - didn’t pass test, dating LI, more siren points
Red - didn’t pass test, single, more human points
Cyan - didn’t pass test, single, more siren points

And depending on the ending there would be a different person saving MC (or not) but that’s up to you because I don’t know the characters :sweat_smile: Also: you don’t have to have an entirely different persong saving her based on the ending. For example the LI could save her in 2 outcomes, her family in other 2, her best friend in other 2 etc. It also doesn’t have to have an impact on the ending (except for when she’s not saved). For example when her family comes to her rescue, she thanks them crying etc. and then the story goes on. You know what I mean?

The amounts of ending, points etc. don’t have to follow strict rules :woman_shrugging:t3: Some endings are similar in their conditions so you can only change a few dialogues or something.
Also you could add an option at the end to see the other outcomes (for gems for example).


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