What is going on here?!?


I keep seeing posts like this around the forum and I’m hella confused. What is going on??


Spam bots




Ppl spamming.


Just flag them


In addition to what has been said above, they are bots that come on the forums. They respond (like it takes note someone replied to what they posted), and post more. So the best way is to flag them as spam, and not reply.


I think its spambots, @Jeremy said before to report them so we can help take them down


But what’s the purpose of the spam bots? Like why? What’s their goal?


Yeah I know spam bots appear every now and then but lately I am seeing them everywhere. But just like @ FallenAngelNight13 said, don’t reply to them it just makes them post even more.


Usually they post phone numbers, or links with viruses (I am assuming those aren’t getting past the bot system)