What is going on with the overlays?!

So I stopped writing for months, but when I came back to resume, I noticed that every overlay I add it doesn’t show up correctly, it’s all black. The half that I wrote long time ago which contained some overlays it still works perfectly fine but not anymore. I’m pretty sure I’m coding them in the right way and the overlay are clearly approved by Episode, Am I the only one getting this problem? If so, how can I fix it?

Can you give me your script?

So here’s the overlay:

It takes the whole screen, here’s the script:
But apprently when I preview it, this is what happens:
It doesn’t show up and cover all the screen
This is not only in web preview, also on my phone

@zoom reset ?

No it’s not about the zoom, it’s the fact that the overlay doesn’t show up, I used a phone overlay but all it turned out is a black screen

Try the create command:
@overlay PHONE OVER BY AVA create
@overlay PHONE OVER BY AVA opacity 1

Then reposition the overlay.

use different background, overlays seems to be very huge and hard to find on INT. BLACK backgrounds

I tried that but nothing, the overlay is still black. The problem is not with positions or directing or anything, it’s the fact that it doesn’t show up how it supposed to be, I submitted a hone overlay and all I got is a black screen, and this is not the case with just this overlay

It worked, thank you! I didn’t know that, I thought they worked on all backgrounds

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