What is going on with the preview


Has anyone been getting a lot of errors on preview when you save and preview after any changes?

Issues with Episode writer portal
Web previewer issues. again. :/



its slowing down my editing process so bad i would have have 2 episodes done already without all these crashes. I have 5 left before i can put out my AWESOME story


Yea I agree, I just got my backgrounds approved and I was about to review and edit before publishing but now I can’t all that pops up on the preview screen is “thank you do being patient while we load your story” :sweat_smile: I filed a support ticket so hopefully it will get fixed soon


i cant save and preview but one time before getting some story nod doesn’t exist. Its getting aggravating and i have to go back and redo the default clothing code every time i load the episode or my people are naked. I thought this was a GREAT platform but now I’m think i jumped the gun on that assumption. Also waiting 3 days just to get my cover approved before i publish it so i guess its a good thing this is happening just hope i don’t have to launch the story with a generic cover. Now I’m getting some Error 11 on preview. I didn’t wait all day at work to come on here to do nothing but pull my hair out!


I waited until my cover was approved to publish. I would file a support ticket, they usually get back the next day so I really hope this gets fixed soon!


How do I do that, I don’t see that option anywhere?



Here’s the link to file a support ticket and you’ll be able to find you support id under the setting in the episode app


Sent. Lets hope they actually take it serious


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


I would but i like the circulation in my finger tips lmao


Lol don’t keep them crossed forever :rofl:




Moved to Writer’s Portal Bug. :wink: There are already multiple topics describing this issue, and as such, we ask that you simply submit a help ticket to the support team. Thanks :smiley:


this probably is the wrong category, sorry


i’ve seen this going around the community on instagram, does anyone know how to fix it eeks.


Just refresh your page, it’s annoying but that’s how I fixed mine everytime that message pops up :thinking:


Just refresh your page, Come out of it, refresh it and go back in it. Do it if it does this again, it happens often,


i did try doing that, it keeps popping up.


Yep, same


Try deleting your browser (I know this sucks) then go back and reopen the tabs