What is going on with the preview

Has anyone been getting a lot of errors on preview when you save and preview after any changes?

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its slowing down my editing process so bad i would have have 2 episodes done already without all these crashes. I have 5 left before i can put out my AWESOME story

i cant save and preview but one time before getting some story nod doesn’t exist. Its getting aggravating and i have to go back and redo the default clothing code every time i load the episode or my people are naked. I thought this was a GREAT platform but now I’m think i jumped the gun on that assumption. Also waiting 3 days just to get my cover approved before i publish it so i guess its a good thing this is happening just hope i don’t have to launch the story with a generic cover. Now I’m getting some Error 11 on preview. I didn’t wait all day at work to come on here to do nothing but pull my hair out!

How do I do that, I don’t see that option anywhere?

Sent. Lets hope they actually take it serious

I would but i like the circulation in my finger tips lmao


Moved to Writer’s Portal Bug. :wink: There are already multiple topics describing this issue, and as such, we ask that you simply submit a help ticket to the support team. Thanks :smiley:

this probably is the wrong category, sorry

i’ve seen this going around the community on instagram, does anyone know how to fix it eeks.

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Just refresh your page, it’s annoying but that’s how I fixed mine everytime that message pops up :thinking:

Just refresh your page, Come out of it, refresh it and go back in it. Do it if it does this again, it happens often,

i did try doing that, it keeps popping up.

Yep, same

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Try deleting your browser (I know this sucks) then go back and reopen the tabs

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Exit out of your website then go on to a new one then go back to your script.

i did this and @lanafrazer_episode 's suggestion but it happens every second time i try to preview it.

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Do it over again until that issue is gone, or just restart your laptop…

Use Firefox, I heard that helps. I use chrome and get the same thing

Is it still not working or is the problem fixed? Sorry had school at that hour lol.

@abygail.bauman, and anyone else currently experiencing this issue who has not filed a ticket, go ahead and submit a help ticket to the support team. We’re attempting to gather more data concerning this issue. Thanks :smiley:

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