What is going to happen to our stories that don't approve to the new Guidelines?

I was hearing different sides of the stories getting deleted and other things leading to the deadline. So is it true that stories will be deleted, including all the character details and outfits and the Episodes of the story if it doesn’t approve to the guidelines?

Also i’m an Author and was curious if I should save my stories and write down my character details and outfits if they were going to delete everything from my story. And will Episode WARN ME if they were going to delete my story.

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I’m not exactly a 100% sure but I think they’ll just be removed from the trending section


If there are things that need to be changed after the deadline, Episode will tell you what you will have to change. Then you get a bit time to make those changes. If you do not make those changes, I belive they will unpublish it

And not delete all my work of my stories?

Yeah i’ve heard that also and i’m not exactly trending that much lol

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Liz explained it here:

And now here too:


Misinformation is spreading like wildfire damn. It’s annoying that people don’t refer and actually read through the announcement thread (or they don’t read it properly) to get the correct information (this isn’t directed to anyone in particular lol).

Anyways, as everyone said, your stories wont get deleted. Just read through the announcement thread because all the info is there’s :slight_smile:


Save the script on Microsoft word and at least record your story game on ur phone and store it. Thats what I do…in case anything happens…

A special thanks to both @amberose and @MG_789 for taking the time to research and provide the community with accurate answers. You are a big help :yay: