What is good idea for mini games?

what kind of mini-games in stories have you seen? and what kind would you like to see?


I want to see some archery, scenes. Im planning on making an archery mini game so others can see if there isn’t any so far.

Ive seen:

Card Games and Fight Games so far, its gonna be hard for me to remember some stories that have mini-games in them.


I saw @amberose’s card game and it looks bloody amazing. Archery will probs be a little difficult but ig that would depend on how you want it to look.


Yep! I think i have it how I want it to look because I have a background and the targets are tappable overlays. So, it could be a bit tricky but worth a shot! :grin:

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Thank you :laughing:

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I would like to see your card game what story is it in :slight_smile:

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It’s not out yet haha, it will be published tomorrow for the contest (probably lol)

I created a puzzle a while back.

Didn’t realise you were entering :smiley: I can’t wait now

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Thank you :blush:

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