What is homecoming like?

So I’m currently writing a scene which takes place during homecoming.

Considering I’m not from the US, I’ve never experienced a High School homecoming. Although I’ve done my research, I’d like to know what homecoming at your High School looks/looked like.

What are certain traditions? What kind of events take/took place and on which days?

I’d appreciate it if you guys could share your homecoming experience down below!

Its not fun as people think they see in the movies :joy:


Right homecoming isn’t all that just a celebration for the first home football game and yeah at my school most mainly sell drugs or do other things other things during the dance and stuff. Also it’s a good opportunity to ask someone to the dance…oh dang that reminds me mine is coming up soon!


Lol agreed :joy:


at my highschool:
music would blast so loud that you couldn’t talk to other people without going outside.
people would grind on each other and most of the girls would dance barefoot (dancing in heels is impossible lol)

as an introvert it wasn’t really my scene lol

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I’m quite aware that homecoming and basically everything else in High School movies is rather unrealistic.

@NightshadeStories @raindrvps @Chocolate_Mama Thank you for sharing your point of view on homecoming, though! I’ll definitely implement that in my story.

If anyone else would like to add something or share their experience, please do so :grinning:


Lol ofc! I know when I went to my first dance it wasnt exciting as I thought it was :joy:

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