What is it like in college?


I’m making a story called College Days, I’m 16, and I’m American.

In America, you don’t go to college until after you are your high school senior year, of which is when your 18 and have graduated high school unless your a genius and you go because you there’s nothing else to teach you because you already know everything they’re showing you.

And I’m homeschooled, can you guys help me? I only know what I’ve learned from my mom (Which isn’t much) and what I’ve learned from college youtubers. Please help me.


There are plenty of videos on Youtube with captions like “what’s it like to be a college student”. Maybe that’ll help.

Plus, your story doesn’t have to be exact about college, make some things up. Like classes with professors teaching the subject doesn’t have to be word for word at what they are really teaching in reality haha


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