What is it with the "popular mean girls" trope?

One thing I see recurring in the episode stories to the point of cliché is the “popular mean girl” character (who is typically blonde and rich).

Sure, sometimes it’s true that people find bad girls and guys and money attractive but then again there are popular people who have actually earned their reputation by being kind, helpful, diligent, smart and gorgeous.

But when I browse through the stories I start to wonder…


I think because writers want readers to feel sorry for the MC… Sure, there are bullies and sure some girls are popular and mean to certain people- but generally theres a reason for the dislike other than " I’m popular, Loser. "

It gets to be a really boring read when every story has the popular,mean girl. Like irl there aren’t many mean girls that gain popularity :joy:

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They do this to have an easy antagonist to fill in the gap. It’s boring but these stories gain a lot of popularity mainly because 10 year olds read them.

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Yeah maybe it’s just an easy - though not a very interesting way out. With all due respect it’s such a cookie cutter character type and I’d prefer more originality what comes to villains.

I also play the Hogwarts Mystery and the popular girl is blonde there as well but she’s actually really nice, helps the MC with her studies etc. (I removed the spoilers.) After reading a bit of episode I was pretty much “wait, this actually makes sense”…

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that game is my lifeee

Anyways, I agree with everyone. Its such a lazy and basic villain, and most of the time, the popular mean girl’s insult is always shit. Like it’s honestly embarrassing, and I doubt that these are the most common bullies in real life.

idk but . let’s break the stereotype lmao

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Honestly, I see a stereotypical blonde, rich mean girl character as lazy writing. I mean, sure, this a good author might be able to pull off this trope well, BUT where I’ve seen it, it just seems like the author simply added in an antagonist just for the sake of it.

Antagonists can be really complex. Like anyone else, they have layers. A character doesn’t have to be snooty popular girl to be an antagonist. Really, using that trope seems to me like the easy way out.


Oh, which house are you? :grinning: I wanted to go for Ravenclaw at first, but then I settled for Slytherin because I wanted to see what it’s like to be a Slytherin with a big heart. They’re presented as antagonists on harry Potter at first but reveal to be very complex later.

I have already landed her to a whole lot of trouble despite she’s a good student, lol.