What is it you want to do when you grow up?

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teach me i hate it and i am weak in
it lol

A computer software engineer and a writer.

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Hey ChrissieJ,

I did social work…it’s amazing work, but really hard. You have to have really thick skin to make it. Most social workers have way too many cases to give families the attention they deserve and you’re always going to let someone down. I remember easily working 10-12 hours a day and still having so much more I wanted to do. On the plus side, it can be so rewarding and every now and then you do get the opportunity to make a difference.

I study psychology, but I can’t imagine my life without art and everything that’s related to it, so I hope to become a scriptwriter or even a director one day, so actually episode really helps me in a way

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I also studied psychology! It’s actually helped me in my writing.

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