What is my ERROR?

I was previewing my story, winning my heart, but when I tired to preview it, it told me “need more than one value to unpack” but I couldn’t see where the error was! Could someone help me out?

if you look at the line 8, did you forget to add another number after 4? or maybe add “in zone…”

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I just realized that that spot was a mistake…but thank you so much for the advice!!

If you click on the error message it should jump to the line with the error - I don’t think we can see it here.


I clicked it and it took me to the first line :neutral_face:

you’re welcome!

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I fixed the spot and tried again, it said the same thing, when I clicked on it it took me to the first line! Is there something wrong with the background?

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I truly see nothing wrong. have you tried refreshing the page? it lags sometimes

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can you move the script down a little bit? maybe there’s a mistake further down

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damn, im clueless. everything looks okay to me

I used help, and it said maybe a weather problem? Im going to check all of my scenes with weather

oh! So the problem was down here:

I just fixed WIITH, and changed it to “with”

I feel so dumb now lol…It was just a spelling problem

such a small mistake! we couldn’t possibly notice that hahah

Thank you for helping me, though!!

it was no problem :))