What Is One Thing Most People Don't Know About You?

Hi there!

My name is Lexie and I am new to the forums! So I thought maybe we could have a fun discussion about sharing things about ourselves that maybe people don’t know (appropriate of course :P)!

Personally, one thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I LOVE to write! I don’t know why but I always feel embarrassed when bringing it up to people, maybe because writing can be pretty personal?

Another thing (just for fun :3) is that horror movies are my PASSION! I don’t know what it is about horror series/movies, but the thrill and the scares and the who killed who, really fascinates me!

What about you guys?


Same here I am IN LOVE with horror movies!!:star_struck::joy:


No one knows that I love acting and I acted for a book author.(Sorry for my english)

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Omg that’s so cool!

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AWESOME! Favorite series or movie?

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Wait, THAT IS AMAZING! And don’t worry about your english you are totally fine xD

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I love the classical “The conjuring” but my favorite of all time is “Winchester: House Of Ghosts”:star_struck::star_struck:

Have you seen any of “The conjuring” movies? If so which one is your favorite, 1 or 2?

Have you seen “Winchester: House Of Ghosts”?

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I have not seen Winchester: House of Ghosts I believe! I will have to add that to my list!

And I LOVE the conjuring movies! It has been awhile since I have seen the second one but the first is AMAZING.

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@Lexxcisco and @TheGracefulCrow thank you very much😊


I ship people. Two people, and I tell nobody, because it is humiliating.


I used to be extremely depressed to the point where I wanted to end my life but I got better and to me that’s a huge accomplishment but to my family I was never depressed.


That is not humiliating at all! I ship people all the time LOLOL.

In real life and with celebrities. It can be embarrassing to tell other people about to for sure, can confirm!

I’m depressed too😪


Yep I agree the first movie was so much better then the second! Have you heard that it’s coming a third movie??

And I absolutely recommend the Winchester movie because it’s AMAZING:star_struck::star_struck::sweat_smile:

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I am deeply sorry to hear that you were at the point, but I am very happy to hear you are doing better!

I personally have dealt with crippling anxiety my whole life which caused me to have depression and I am just now doing better. I am really happy for you <3

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A third one?! Oh man, I will prepareee.

I am most pumped for the new IT movie coming out this fall. IT LOOKS SO GOOOD


If you ever want to talk pm me :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy for you too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It happens to the best of us, if you need an ear as well, hit me up okay?

Same goes to you <3



It’s just two celebrities.

The first one was Sheo (Shailene Woodley and Theo James), and now it’s (a super embarrassing name) Hardzello (Ben Hardy and Joe Mazzello)

No. 1

No. 2


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I am so sorry that that happened to you, but I am super happy that you are feeling better now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And I can really agree on the family thing because I used to cut myself and my parents acted like they didn’t know it, like psychologists said it to them and they saw my arm and they still didn’t do anything.