What Is One Thing Most People Don't Know About You?

Hi :blush:

I only like to interact with people when I feel like it not only because I’m shy but also because I’m pretty detached.
And I love comedies, I wouldn’t be able to watch a movie with you as I’m a scaredy cat :scream:

I just wish my mother understood that and left me alone when I’m at home :unamused:

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It’s true my bff’s sister set the bar too high for her.

In my case (I’m the older), I’ve been trying to explain to my parents that we’re different people since I was ten, I gave up along the way their skulls are way too thick :sweat:


I feel that! I am a HUGE introvert and too much social interaction is a lot for me. I love comedies as well! But horror is my fav xD

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Lol yeah, I still eat carbs, but I’m not confused and baffled it anynore😂

Yeah right…i know!! Some of my friends are delusional!! Ya know :yum:

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I give people a shallow and false image of myself. While I pretend to be open and talkative, it’s mostly just dung. Very few people truly know what goes through in my head and I’d like to keep it that way.


Felt this in my bones. :weary: That could explain my next paragraph:

I feel like all of my friendships throughout my life have been revolving-door friendships. In the rare cases that I get comfortable with someone, there’s a short honeymoon period before they drift away in anywhere from 1 month to 2 years. :thinking: I don’t know if it’s become a habit now or what, but I’m actually fine with it now; I come to expect when I meet someone that they’ll forget me before long, to the point where I get surprised when anyone remembers me. :thinking:

Most people don’t know it 'cause there’s no way to say it lol, “Hi my name is Scarlet and I fully expect to be a distant memory by 2021 at the latest.”


Sometimes, I fell like I live two lives. By that I mean, I feel like I’m different when I’m around my friends and different when I’m around family. I can talk to my friends much better than my family. It’s kinda hard for me to open myself up, but when I do, I really feel comfortable talking to them. Idk if that’s weird, but that’s my life.


Another thing that not many people know about me: I’m definitely not a doctor but I still can’t resist a medical mystery. :female_detective:

Dizziness after eating (carbs especially) generally means that there was either a blood pressure change or a blood sugar change that your brain found difficult to handle. If you have a family history of something like diabetes, it could be something to mention to your doctor next you see them, but it’s probably not a big deal unless symptoms get serious (like actually fainting or going into shock).

But keeping the carbs in moderation is bound to help. Everyone could stand to eat a little less carbs lmao.




1. I absolutely love to sing. I’m way too shy to sing in front of other people, so I only do it whenever I’m alone.

2. I won 3rd place in a spelling bee contest back in my elementary days :3rd_place_medal:.

3. I love to play video games (Overwatch, Mortal Kombat, etc.)

4. I’m a fast reader, but a slow thinker :rofl:.

5. I have multiple worlds with my own made characters inside of my head. I never tell anyone this because they might think that I’m weird :persevere:.

6. I used to bully this girl that was in Special Ed. when I was in elementary school. I regret it a lot and I wish I could apologize to her.

7. I almost committed suicide when I was a Sophmore because I was very depressed and stressed. I have never told anyone this before, so I’ve kept it a secret until now.

8. I hate going to parties. I’m a very introverted person, so parties aren’t really my thing.

9. I’m scared of getting into another relationship. I just don’t know if I’m ready for all of that again after I broke up with my last boyfriend. Our relationship went downhill on our 8th month of dating because I lost interest in him, so I’m scared that I’ll do the same thing with my next boyfriend.

10. I was very depressed once and my own parents didn’t even believe that I was.

11. I have a hard time socializing with others. It’s like, I want to make more friends, but something inside my brain prevents me from doing that.

(I know you said 1 but I put 11 :joy::joy::joy:)


Despite being a musician and the fact that I love performing live, I absolutely hate it when people ask me to play something for them.

I’m not a fucking troubadour.


^ Who’s this in here reading my mind? :open_mouth:

I’m glad you’re still here. :heart:


I am sorrryyy. Never be afraid to be honest with
yourself and others.

I feel that as well. I feel like we are expected to act one way with our parents and can sometimes be more open to friends. You are not alone in that thought process.

I LOVE video games as well. I actually stream on Twitch when I am not writing on here! And I am sorry about a lot of the sad things.
Also does your name have to do with kpop? :sob:


That is so cool that you perform live as well!
And I don’t doubt that would be annoying :sob:

I don’t really like speaking all that much either irl, I wouldn’t say i’m shy, i just don’t like to speak a lot and this makes me the opposite of my mom. She talks a lot so whenever my mom introduces me to people she’s met they think I’m cold since I don’t talk all that much to them but really idk what to say to them and I just prefer nodding :joy:

Also, this is so strange but i love watching horror movies at night 'cause I like giving my heart a jumpstart XD


Thank you! And yes, my name is actually a reference to a Kpop song :laughing:. My brother made my username, so this has been my name for almost everything :joy::joy::joy:

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That is hilarious! I thought the name seemed familiar :joy:

Your mom sounds just like mine!

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I’m gay. Just kidding lol I’m well I don’t really know lol

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