What is something you thought when starting episode?

I’m sorry if there’s already a thread like this but what is something you thought before writing stories? I thought that writing a chapter could be done fast because I didn’t know all that was needed to start a story.


I honestly thought it would be wayyyyy more simple then the coding :sweat_smile: mannnnnn was I in for a treat :joy:


Me too! I sorta jumped right into it and then quit multiple times because I didn’t know what I was doing. :sweat_smile:


something like
“what the hell i actually hate classic style”
“im never gonna finish this story lmao”


“tHiS lOoKs FuN” about coding & reading :skull: but i’ll never delete it bc i’m too bored though lmao


Literally thought that it would be simple lol I used to write those “chapters” with like 45 lines and I had a story with five of these chapters and I couldn’t publish it cause of the lines and I was frustrated and I thought that it didn’t work but then I starded again and published some bad stories lmao and now I’m writing a new one that is I hope better lol here I am.


I thought I’d be able to write an episode in a day… I still think I can write an episode in a day…


Writing the story is going to be easy, directing is simple.


I thought “Wow, now I can actually write and direct my softcore porn to be read! Awesome!”

Jk, I thought the directing was gonna be more simple and I’d be able to actually publish a story in a few weeks.


I downloaded the app thinking that you’d be able to pick your character’s gender in every single story. I’d heard Episode was relatively open to including gay characters so I was excited to play as a gay man in these stories.

Little did I know that like 90% of main characters are girls and choose your gender stories are like finding a needle in a haystack :confused:

(dont get me wrong i like girl main characters but omg i wish the male mc to female mc ratio was closer to half rather than very skewed)


I thought that I would have thousands of reads in a few days after publishing. And then I got surprised :sweat_smile:


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I mean, a few things. I had a lot of preconceptions before I started writing. lol One of them was that, originally, I thought I was the only one to have anything actually “unique” in this community and that my story idea was super different from everything on the app. While my first story was definitely different, it was by far not the only one! It wasn’t until I really dived more into this actual community did I realize how MANY underappreciated and hidden gems there are on the app- stories much more my speed.

Another one I had was that it was actually fairly… I don’t want to say easy, but not as hard to get reads as it actually is. Especially in the beginning. My grammar and vocabulary was far superior to a lot of the popular stories on the app and once I cleaned up my directing (after some help from some wonderful reviewers who were honest with me and gave me the honesty and constructive criticism I needed and I wouldn’t be as far as I am without them) I didn’t understand why my story with decent directing and legible script wasn’t making as much as these top stories on the app with subpar. :joy: That sounds really conceited… wow, and now I feel bad. But the point stays! I definitely thought having good directing was important as well as good grammar. I was very wrong. lmao I just didn’t have the content a lot of Episode users were looking for.

Also, I thought there was a lot more for backgrounds, animations, music, and clothes than there actually was(this was also back before LL was introduced). :sweat_smile: I was very wrong there. We’re much more limited with what we have to work with and that made me respect a lot more of the authors more for the ones that tried to be as unique as possible.


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