What is Support the author?

When the author asks if the reader would like to support them or give them gem, what does that mean?? I have seen it and I would like to know what it means and how to do it for my story??!


oh yeah, I’ve been wondering the same thing

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from what i know, supporting the author allows you to give a small percentage of your gems (which is literally equivalent to real money i think?). by doing this you help them get closer to unlocking the writer’s payment program thingy. that’s all i know anyways haha


like, we actually give them our gems? because my gems haven’t dropped…

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i read somewhere that it’s like 0.3% (or 0.03%) ack


ohh no wonder :0 thank you!!


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It’s a gem choice, but a lot of people can’t actually see gem choices in user stories.
The author doesn’t get any gems, but it’s basically an “easy” choice they can add to a chapter to help them qualify for the payment program faster (100k gem chapter reads required in 60 days + 300 gem choices selected). For authors already in the program, adding gem choices can give them a bonus.
Note: The gem choice can literally be anything. Doing a “support the author” is basically the easy way out as the author doesn’t need to provide any additional content (but on the flip side, you don’t lose out if you say no). Some authors use gem choices to increase points and things like that instead.


I was wondering about it! Thank you so much love :heart: