What is the art style you like the best

Hi I was wondering which art style you like the best because I am thinking about changing mine
This is not perfect but this is my latest work

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Try tracsing your characters and then add your own tuches to it and it will help you a lot your doing good keep it up. :slight_smile:


Like this one. I trased over her face and his hand to help get the peace started then did the reast hopt that helps a little. :slight_smile:

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Thanks I just started doing these a week ago the only one I have ever traced is this one

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That is really good you are doing great, if it was me and its what I did, start with INK.
I feel its easier to do then LL, once you get the hang of it go to LL. Also make a thread that you want to practice on peoples characters. This way you get all kinds of differnt styels and it helps. Watch youtube also. What app/program do you use to make your art?

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Depending on what I need or want to do I use multiple apps
I use a background eraser, artwork is terrible with outline but the only app that can flip images when I create covers for people PicsArt for affects and text options. Then there is Is paint x that I actually do majorty of the image on

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Okay, I don’t reall know anthing about any of them but IbisPaint X it’s all I use lol. But I would say I know youtube has a lot of things for IbisPaint X to help you with things like I didn’t know what all the tools were for tell I watched a few of them, also if you need help with something I don’t mind trying my best to help you with it. But just keep at it, your doing great so far and just like everyone that does art you will only get better as you go.

Thanks for the feedback I just realized I made a typo I said is paint x i meant ibis paint x, I didn’t know they have YouTube videos on the app

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Oh your fine I know what you meant lol. But yes I didn’t know tell someone told me a while back and it helped so much. I also love that you can watch on vido and get all the brushes for free for 18 hours and you can do that everytime the 18 hours is up theres not max on that.

I love that too, I will check out the you tube videos thanks again

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You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

I draw in a very cartoon way. I’m horrible with doing realistic things.

You too, huh?
I do 1548957266911
This is my very first time that I drew realistic landscape, the results was horrible

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It actually looks pretty good. Better than what I can do.

Really? I always considered realism a weakness. Do you mind showing me your work

I mostly draw on paper so I don’t have it on me at the moment and I’m not at home currently. When I do get back I’ll try to find some.

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