What is the best genre to write in?

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Thriller
  • Horror

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…and why?

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There is no “best genre” to write in. Each genre shines in its own way, if you are capable of writing in any genre given to you then props to you but you should pick a genre that you’re happy with and feel like writing in.




I don’t know what to vote :grimacing: Leaning towards romance because it is very catered to by episode and I would say it’s the most popular of the app. But at the same time it’s extremely hard to get into trending. As a small author writing in romance is not the easiest. But all genres have their pros and cons. So as the previous comment said, there really isn’t a best one to write in. Just depends on the stories you like writing.


All genres are good as long as you know how to write them in a way you like :blush:

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Yep! If you’re into what you write, it’ll always be easier - better - than the genres or even story types you tend to dread. I say “fantasy” in the poll but that’s because fantasy is my favorite and the one I personally like best.


There isn’t really a best genre, depends on your taste. Any genre can be good, as long as you know how to write it.

I picked comedy since it’s my favorite.

I feel like Romance will get your the most reads and probably get your featured more, cause people like love stories for some reason. However, as a fantasy and mystery writer, I think that those genres are the most fun (but challenging) to write.


Write the genre you like to write :slight_smile: Exemple yes romance its really popular but if you don’t like to write romance just don’t do it :slight_smile:

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Depends what you mean by “best”.
I actually think romance is the worst because if you’re trying to get your story out there, it’s practically impossible to trend lol.
So if reads and visibility is your goal, I think the best genres are probably fantasy, thriller and action. Horror and adventure are the easiest to trend in, but I don’t feel like they’re very popular.

But if you’re asking what’s the best genre in terms of enjoyment? Then that’s very individual. I like thriller best.


I say comedy is the best to write in because you can just have absolutely no rhyme or reason to writing and you can just have fun with it. Now, how many people actually enjoy using passes on comedy? Not a lot. But you’re just having fun with it. And it’s nice to just find stories that were made for the sole purpose of making other people laugh (have you seen Pick Your Poison by Amberose? Funniest shit ever. I love it. But not everyone wants to spend passes on something that isn’t a “real” story)
That being said there is something very special about creating entire worlds in the fantasy genre.

And that being said the story I’m currently writing is neither of those so yeah :sweat_smile:

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