What is the best phone to play episode on?

I don’t know if this topic is allowed here so I’m sorry if it isn’t :heart:
But I’m looking for a new phone (that, of course, can handle episode very well) preferably a phone with a special feature that not every other phone has and makes it stand out.



Most phones are overrated and way over priced lol

Mine cost 1k and I dont and wont use all the features but it is one of those things where if you dont keep a updated phone most apps wont work.


Erm. I don’t know what is considered the best phone.
But, I’m using an iPhone 8 + and my phone seems to handle episode great.
It never crashes.


Lucky, I have to deal with crashes :joy:


alright uhm maybe a weird question but can you’re phone (both of you) handle spotify and episode at the same time? mine sony xperia z5 compacts get’s really hot when I do thing like that or get’s stuck (crashes) and I don’t want that for my new phone

You might need to update it. As much as I hate to update my phone. It does help.

My phone can. :thinking:


and the phone doesn’t get hot? or too hot? (cuz I swear to god mine old phone can fry an egg)

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My phone only gets too hot on certain apps. Never on episode.

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keep to the same brand or you might loss what you have.

How so? You mean that the new phone from a differend brand might make me feel disappointed?

I have galaxy s8, it works great with Episode and it does that thing when it cuts a bit from the top and bottom of the screen so you can have the right proportions and nothing cut out if the story (like there’s a small area of black in the top and bottom) my previous phone just cut bunch of what was going on to fit the phone shape and size, it was so annoying

I hope this makes sense

Does you’re phone has the android 9.0?

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No, it’s 8.0

I use the iPhone 6 S Plus, it works perfectly!

She probably means that when you try to transfer your Episode account to another type of phone that is not the same brand, it will not work. Such as if you go Android to Apple you will not be able to retain your account.

I currently have the IPhone 7 and it works well! It doesn’t run hot, is able to operate while using multiple apps, and Episode doesn’t crash.

not the app can not transfor information from the app if its to another brand

I think you should use an iPhone.

Thanks for the advice the thing is I don’t like iphones they are expensive and aren’t that great so sorry those won’t work for me

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I got my iPhone on eBay. It wasn’t very expensive.

I don’t wanna buy from ebay. And like I said I just don’t like Iphones. I once had an Iphone 4s and (sorry to say this but this is my opinion) I have never met an more annoying phone in my Whole life and I’m glad I got rid of it. Please suggest an android phone xx

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