What is the best phone to play episode on?

I use an LG. It’s pretty awesome to use.

I have a Moto, and it works pretty well other than the fact that the black bar at the bottom of the screen (something I see on a lot of Androids) sometimes cuts off a little bit of the backgrounds.

Mine’s an iPhone 7 and it performs adequately. With that being said, I doubt it’s the phone’s brand that matters, it’s the specs. I mean, while I doubt that Episode would be incredibly hard for a mobile device to run, I believe a Samsung Galaxy S1 or an iPhone 3Gs probably wouldn’t cut it anymore.

Not sure if the app actually runs on tablets, but I think it’d be more pleasant to use with one at any rate. I usually write my stuff while on a computer, no effing way I’d ever use the god-awful mobile interface for that.

Well I get What you mean but Iphone and samsung really are differend and yes it’s important for me that episode runs well on the phone but I also find it important that the phone can do other things. Apple just always disappointed me I had an Ipad, an Iphone and every time those things were complaining. I’m just not going back to an Apple product. And right now I’m like: why would I pay aroud 800 euro’s for a phone only because of the brand and camera. Now I’m not saying that I want a samsung because I’m not looking for that either let’s just say I’m looking for something cheaper and more special but still Able to handle episode very good and fast and that the phone isn’t getting really hot at the Back

I’m very picky aren’t I? :laughing:

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Wich one?

Wich one would you suggest?

I think you’re gonna be forced to exclude the word “cheap” from your list of requirements if you want a powerful phone. Just saying.

You would be supprised I have been looking for phones all day and I found a few between 300 and 400 euro’s with 3000 mah battery and a snapdragon processor. Wich is faster then my sony xperia and has better battery then the sony wich cost 500 euro’s

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I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but from what I’ve understood, even a turd with an internet connection is better than Sony Xperia.

Don’t worry I don’t. My sony indeed isn’t that fast and when I got it 2 years ago I wasn’t completely happy with it and I’m still not that’s why I’m getting a new one. This phone lags so bad at can’t take it anymore.

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It’s just so: meh…

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Well, whatever happens, I wish you luck in your search.

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Currently I have the Moto Z3, price range maybe around 300-500? Although I’m looking on getting a new phone this summer.


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