What is the best Style for this type of story?

I’m making a mystery/drama/thriller based on high school lives. You could say it’s somewhat similar to Pretty Little Liars (but its pretty different) and I’m stuck between choosing INK or Limelight. I don’t know which one has more mystery/shocked/scared animations and which would look better overall in my story.
I feel like INK would look too cartoony/unrealistic for my story, I know it sounds dumb but I feel like it wouldn’t have the mysterious effect on the story, but LL doesn’t have as much clothes and stuff, for example ink has clothes with blood stains. What do u guys think?

I think LL has more clothes for school than INK, so if you are using uniforms, go with LL. But if it’s casual, you can choose INK.

But don’t let clothing be the only thing that will make you choose the style, it’s true LL has less clothing. But more animations and gets updated frequently.


Thanks, I know about the clothing and stuff. I just don’t know which one has a more mystery vibe that would make the story more mysterious, if u know what I mean?

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LL has more shocked animations, I think they start with “react_”

And LL has a silhouette black skin color, you can use it for mystery as well :slightly_smiling_face: