What is the best way to release new episodes? (POLL)

What is the best way to release new episodes?

  • Everything all at once (e.g. publishing all 30 episodes at once)
  • As seasons (e.g. Season one: 10 episodes, Season two: 20 episodes, and so on)
  • One at a time (e.g. once a week, once a month)
  • Something else (comment below)

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I think it’s better to release a free episode and an EA episode at the same time, that way readers without gems will still get some of your content and those willing to pay (and support you) can access an extra chapter.


Oh cool! Never thought of that. Thanks :smiley:

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It’s not easy to write chapters because authors have to make sure it’s long enough for proper entertainment. In my opinion, stuff like that is worth waiting for. If you decide to release it all at once, it might take a while to release but if you don’t want your readers to wait, it’s suggested! However, since it might take a while to finish the entire story and publish it in one go, it might go outdated and people might prefer a different style. And if you prefer writing seasons at a time, that sounds like a good plan but your fans might not know when to expect each season since writing time may vary. If you do one episode weekly or daily, people always know when to expect it and will eagerly await it. All of them seem to have pros and cons and you’re free to choose which you want. I suggest not waiting a month to update each episode because your story would take a while to finish then and people would lose interest.

But here’s my opinion - Updating a chapter once a week might be the best option so that your fans will know when it will come and they won’t abandon it. If you do it in seasons, people might leave it because they don’t know when the next season will come out since it’ll take time to write. If you upload it all at once, it would be good for no waiting but the style might be outdated by then.

Of course, there’s never any rush in updating since writing stories are not easy and they take up a lot of time.

Less time for writing = nothing.
More time for writing = Quality + Quantity
So you should take all the time you need to write!

Hope this helps! :heart:


When I’m reading stories that aren’t completed yet, I think of it like watching new TV shows that leave with a cliffhanger each time for the next episode to answer. It feels like you’re going through the stories with the characters in real time almost, and you get to enjoy the story for longer rather than binging it through (although I do love a good binge myself too!). I also like to interact with authors each time they update and appreciate their hard work that goes into each individual episode :blush:


I totally agree with you! :heart: