What is the best way to use gem choices?

What is the best way to use gem choices in your opinion?

Feel free to suggest your own ideas in the comments as well!

Some things I have in mind…
  • Support Button at the end
  • Unlock a bonus scene
  • Unlock full CC (limited otherwise)
  • Top up points/get more
  • See the different endings at the end of the story
  • Customize side characters
  • Unlock more outfits and change hairstyle (default: 3 outfits, gems: 6 outfits)
  • Other, please suggest below! :3

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Please don’t ever make us pay to get full customisation

But I do think the top two are good. I would suggest that people can maybe top-up like at a specific Episode but if they want to top up before then, they could use gems?

For example, maybe in episode 10 people can top up, and if they want to top up before then, they can pay?


I agree with you!
What I’m thinking is "Would you like to wait until ep2 to cc or unlock full cc now for 5 gems? Does that sound better? :3

Ah, yes yes, that’s better :sob: but it’s your story! Do whatever you feel fits best :heart:

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I’m glad that’s better :relieved: and you’re right!

I think it’s okay to ask for some gems for something that you spend more time working on. :smile:
The support option is in my opinion the best but I still think that with the new changes it won’t be enough :confused:
My favorites are: support button, get more points, unlock a bonus scene :blush:
You could also ask for gems for more outfits, e.g. like unlocking a wardrobe for the whole story. I also like the idea when you use a point system and 2 or more LI and generally the reader can’t choose at the end cause the points decide who the MC will end up with but you could ask for gems for the reader to choose the LI :smile:

At least I personally might use gems for those options if I like the story :blush: Other people might think differently but since we now get 1 gem per Original Episode story completion I think it’s okay have one gem choice in the story :white_heart:

Hope it helps!

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Omg thanks! Your opinion matters a lot and I love your ideas.
I get that authors shouldn’t include many gem choices in their stories as it gets annoying and readers can’t afford them easily. Unfortunately with the new update I feel like I need to have at least 3 gem choices each chapter… :confused:
Now it’s really hard to have your story be visible on the app, since gem choices play a huge role on a story’s trending score. It’s honestly annoying because I never liked gem choices in my, or other, stories anyway.


I totally agree!
It wasn’t the smartest move by Episode to do that but I mean it’s a company and they have to pay their workers too and it’s not always that easy :confused:

I think it’s okay to include one support the author choice and buy points choice and in addition one gem choice within the story, like an extra scene :blush:


Sounds like a pretty good idea to me! Thanks! :black_heart: :black_heart:

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I’ve been considering adding a gem choice at the end of each episode to unlock a bonus scene. I like the support author choice but it’s like asking something for nothing! I saw an author who had a choice to support the author for 5 gems or unlock a bonus scene for I think 8 or 12? And I thought that was a great compromise!

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Pretty good idea!

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Personally, I like gem choices that matter, I don’t want to have to pay for customization or an outfit unless it has some kind of impact on the story and characters or is special in some way. I don’t mind support options at the end, because I like to support my favorite authors. I’m tired of stories (including Episode stories) wanting you to pay up for worthless outfits, hairstyles, and CC and I’m glad you’re asking the opinions of other readers and authors in the community who have actually read stories and have based opinions on gem choices.


I don’t want to charge people for choices that will have an impact in the storyline. I have a specific plot in my mind and I don’t want to alter it for people who don’t have any gems. I don’t like the update anyway, and I agree that gem choices shouldn’t exist for meaningless paths, but honestly, who is gonna pay for it? Nobody has many gems to spare so I don’t want there to be a big difference about it. Thanks for your comment and feedback!


I agree, gem choices are totally not accessible to everyone so it shouldn’t be a huge impact on the story, but also shouldn’t b a complete waste. That’s why the bonus scenes I was thinking of would b like other peoples viewpoints of scenes, or what happened while the MC was elsewhere, things that if seen will totally add to the readers enjoyment but for those who don’t have the option of using gems, won’t be missing the storyline. Especially if you have the plot decided I agree, it can’t be a gem choice leading them down a path that isn’t really meaningful.


Yes, I agree with your views, and thank you for sharing. Bonus scenes are a very nice idea :black_heart:


Thank you! But you’re right, it’s so hard that now we feel pressured to include gem choices now!


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