What is the code for removing a characters eyebrows?

I have a scene where my character is looking in the mirror during a nightmare, and she has no eyebrows. I used the code @REFLECTION becomes MC but now I need to remove the eyebrows. How can I do this?

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There isn’t a code to remove eyebrows. The only way to have a character have no eyebrows is to remove them in the portal. But because you made the eyebrow less character become another character, there isn’t a way to remove them.

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You can use overlays covering the eyebrows - but if you have CC you will have to make overlays for all skin tones.

If you do not have CC for MC you can create her copy without eyebrows directly in the portal instead of command becomes

I actually figured it out. I used a CC Duplicate template by Dara Amarie, and just removed all of the eyebrow codes on the duplicate, thus creating a copy of the MC without eyebrows.


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