What is the code to send a reader back to the shelf?

Does anyone know the code to give the reader the choice to return to the home page shelf when they’ve reached the end of the story? I’ve seen it in Episode official stories, and also in Intoxicating Kisses by MissMj. I don’t like that when you read and finish a community members story that you don’t get the recognition for the final episode. I’d like readers to have my final episode count for say, the daily challenge prize that the app has.

I think it doesn’t give a code.

There has to be one. Unless only certain people are allowed to know it… because Intoxicating Kisses by MissMj isn’t an episode original story or one of her written for episode stories :frowning: It would be really nice to have that in stories.

Maybe you could use a label, have you tried?

This is

I don’t think what you’re mentioning is what I’m talking about… although that is super cool… is what you typed a code to replay a reader message if the reader happened to miss it??

I’m, trying to find out what the coding is to give the reader the choice to return to the min page shelf after a story has ended, instead of just getting the “You have reached the end of the story. The Author may or may not continue with this story… yada yada,… You have reached the end of the story…”

I don’t know how to do that

Here is a picture of the choice;

I think only episode knows.

:sob::sob::sob: lol that’s sucks… they really should let us know too… I mean I just want the last episode of a story to count and they don’t. They just keep repeating that final “You have reached the end of the story. The author may or may not continue the story…” message. That sucks.

The read will count if a reader gets to the ‘to be continued’ screen. When I update my story, my reads go up substantially. Some readers refrain from reaching that point in the chapter and click off beforehand because if the author updates the chapter, they won’t be forced to re-read :call_me_hand:

Right… but I’m talking about the final episode of the story when it’s all finished. I have a bunch of stories that are finished that I’ve read and I don’t get credit for reading that episode for the daily challenge:

I’m just going to assume it’s something episode is keeping to themselves and the community authors that write for them…? Seems weird but there’s a way to do it but I can’t find it lol

It’s only for Episode originals and featured stories.

Yeah I figured as much… seems weird tho. It just properly ends a story. You’d think we’d all get that option. It just sucks having to be like “oh, if I choose to read this final episode of this story, I still will have to read another episode of another story to be able to collect my prize”. But what can ya do eh… I guess thems the breaks.

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