What is the color of your eyes?

Right!! Everyone is like “ya my eyes change color with my mood, the lighting, the seasons” and im over here like. My eyes are are brown. Just brown. Always brown

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Dark brown

Mine are very dark brown to the point they look black.

When I was growing up, kids would always tell me this. “You have black eyes!” As though I had never noticed. :laughing:


Mine are blue with dark-blue ring around them. Sometimes they will change colors depending on lighting and my mood. They go from blue-grey to blue-green and have yellow specks in them.

Black :100:

Greeny-amber ,I have this thing in my eyes called central heterochromia where basically your eyes have two different colours :P.

It’s weird though because from a certain distance they look yellow but then up close , completely different . MyStErIoUs

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Mine are green.

just dark brown

A dark blue

Dark brown sometimes show up as black tho…my teacher said they’re hazel I think she needs her eyes checked or I’m trippin

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:joy: it’s true she looked at me for a minute and was like Hazel they’re Hazel…I was like I didn’t ask OMg

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My eyes are an intensely dark brown. They’re so dark that they reflect everything and the images reflected across my eyes block out my pupils and the details of my iris.

My eyes are pretty much as black as my soul.


Grey mostly and green rarely


My eyes are dark brown!:smirk::smirk:

I have kinda dark blue eyes with an uneven green ring in the middle and a really thin dark blue ring around that you can only see if you look really closely (it’s really really thin) they also have some strange patterns in them and look really pretty when you look up close. (My entire family from my mom side actually have this weird mesmerizing eyes thing that when you’re close enough you just kinda start staring, it happens all the time it’s so weird)

Mine are kinda green :woman_shrugging::eye::green_heart:

Mine are just blue.