What is the core message of your story?

What is the core message of your story? Is it something related to your own experience or something you hoped for? :thinking:


For me, it’s usually both. :eyes:


Mine would probably be not to judge someone by the way they feel or what they see but what kind of person are they.

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Mine would be the second one :sneezing_face:

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That is a good message to remind us all. :slight_smile:

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I guess we all do put a little bit of us and our hope inside our story. :wink:

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No but I really need writing lessons from you lol <3

expect the unexpected. :relieved:

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[ blinks in confusion ] Writing lessons from …me?

Sorry, your reply was unexpected and random. :joy:

A little bit of both.
Diary of a Middle School Teacher and Miss Understood were both based on my own experiences as a teacher. But while the first one also revolved around family drama and romance, the second one was more about personal growth.

There’s No Accounting for Taste takes place in a culinary high school, and although I’ve never been to culinary school before, I can relate to the main character in her journey of having no experience in an area, feeling like an outsider, and getting better due to trial and error and experience.


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