What is the episode story called with damon and jen

I dont know the name of the stroy but i know the main characters names are Damon and jen, anybody know which story it is? All i remeber is that it has a scence when they are driving and Jen is singing WAP and Damon tells her to stop

anyone have any ideas?


No clue, but now I want to know! :laughing:

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Hmmm maybe it’s been revamped or changed since I last read it, but I think it’s Different Worlds in INK and Falling For Mr Jerk (I believe.) in LL. Author is dkr_episodes.

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I would like to read that story :heart_eyes:

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i found it! its called teach me your love <3

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i found it! its called teach me your love

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Ah great thank you

i found out its called teach me your love ! but thank u

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