What is The Forums Average Age?


So…I was curious about the average age on the forums users
Now obviously you dont need to put your age down if it offends you.
And the poll below will not show usernames. I just was wondering being I have seen many people of similar ages on the forums

  • under 10
  • 10 to 13
  • 14 to 17
  • 18 to 30
  • 31 or above

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18 next year!



Wait why am I surprised…I dont even know how old I thought you were…


:rofl: how old did you think I was??


Like…20? Idk, you just seem so wise :grin:


:rofl: girllllll I wish! I sooooooo would be working by now :rofl: but thank you! I’m wise :joy: just gotta tell my ex husband how WISE I AM! :clap:t5:


:joy: lol.

Well, least you can get a job though right? :blush:


I can’t possibly understand how episode is for 10-13.
Even the official story uses “viewers discretion”.
I feel like its for 18 and up. that’s just my opinion


True :rofl:


Well, I mean…really the stories say viewer discretion and people should know what to and not to look at. I mean I’m under 18, but I’ve never had a problem, because I know what is wrong fr me to see or read so I stay clear of that


I thought I was the grandma of Episode but look my age group is in the majority! for another year anyway

EDIT: Actually, 18 - 30 is a big age group, I probably still am the grandma of Episode.


yeah it is a big age group. I was more just kinda thinking, Adults so…boom :smile:


I’m 14 :stuck_out_tongue: 15 in November, 16 next year


Well I’m 13, but going to be 14 this May


Aye. I found chuuuu.

I’m not revealing my age to anyone —but I’m in a pretty…large group.

How old do y’all think I am?


18, turning 19 on May 10th


Dont I already pretty much know how old you are?


Well don’t tell anybody.

But yes. Yes you do


hehehe. I know things!

why does that seem like such an accomplishment to me?


Idk. And I didn’t realize you made this thread. Huh