What is the main points to get artists to join contests?

so i made a contest for drawing an PFP with a prize of any edit
but not many people joined!
i was just wondering for artists here, what makes you join contests?

here’s the link, in case you need to check whats the problem or if u wanna join :blob_hearts:

  • Cool prizes
  • Interesting theme/space for creativity
  • Good deadline

thank you for the tips!
though i’m sure i put those things in…?


Alright, I was just listing things that draw me personally in. I haven’t really looked through that thread :sparkles:


okay thank u anywayy :blob_hearts:

I dont like art contest, they were made to get free art. I dont wanna waste my time on artwork for a contest and it may not even be used, I have better things to spend my time on.


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Hey! I’ve looked at your contest. As an artist, it is already expected that you use the artwork and credit us. So maybe collaborate with another person to offer more incentives? That is not to say I wouldn’t join your contest, I just have a lot of requests to complete and am creating my own giveaway. In the end, here are my tips:

  1. COLLABORATE. With anyone! It will expand your reach.
  2. OFFER GOOD PRIZES. It can be a mood board, a follow back, a spam of likes, etc.
  3. PROMOTE. Tag people and ask them to participate!

That. so many people ask for free art, saying they will give credit in return. you have to give credit no matter what. its not a special thing to do, and its defently not worth my time


What @line123462 said! It genuinely feels like the host is simply trying to get some free labour and fueling hardworking artists with a sense of competition. Only time I ever join contest is when it’s related to a story that I’m already invested in; basically an excuse for me to create fanart about something I love.

However here’s a tip that might work: While a shiny price for the winner may draw attention also consider providing participation trophies! for example: promote them all on Instagram or somewhere, feature every one of their art at the end of an episode, or just simply make everyone of them background characters (even if only the winner gets a proper cameo, being a part of your favourite story is amusing to a lot of people) etc. Because let’s be honest, no one would wanna spend hours- if not days on a piece knowing they might bring nothing to their table by the end of it.


thank you so much for your advice!!
someone has agreed to make an edit for the first prize winner

and i’ll definitely add on to showcase everyone else’s drawings on my story! it sounds like a really great idea and i’m really grateful
thank you again :blush:


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