What is the most craziest thing you've ever done?

As you can see by the title :point_up_2:t4: What is the most craziest thing/dare/stunts you’ve ever done

I don’t know anyone who’s done this thread before but if you do please tell me that I can give them credit

I have jumped off a motorcycle while Noah was driving it…

What is Your stunt/dare/thing you’ve ever done…

If this flops you didn’t see nothing… don’t worry baby I’m just a Hallucination :smiley:


Well I am not sure if this is crazy , stupid or awkward
But that’s the thing I remember
Once In school at the time of break i was walking and i was so indulged in checking out the boy who was standing there that I almost fell down right infront of him :zipper_mouth_face: and top of that he was trying to help me I just ran from there
And the next day when he was about to say me something I insulted him ( just dont ask why) not in front of everyone
And we never saw each other from that day
(This more looks like embarrassing, sorry but that’s all I remember)


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