What is the most embarrassing story you've written? (Story ideas, plots, unpublished, etc) I expose myself first, don't worry

so, i recently looked at my list of story ideas and found some pretty interesting…ideas

little bg info -
when i was like 13/14, i was really into mafia stories and stuff like that, and i took it upon myself to write one of my own - embarrassing i know.

but um here’s the info for that -
Description: What happens when they mistake you for the Gang leader’s girl? Can the man who accidentally kidnapped you, save you?



i think the description is sooo - amazing
i love exposing myself
i’m sooo glad i don’t like mafia stories anymore


If it makes you feel better, I wrote and published a really awful gang-love-triangle story and I was 28 at the time :no_mouth:
I mean, it’s archived now, but it will forever haunt me.


I once wrote a BTS and BLACKPINK comedy fanfic (I’m a ARMYBLINK :joy:) and I was going to publish it until I found out that fanfic is not allowed anymore :joy:

I was relieved that I didn’t publish that, it was kind of horrible :joy:


omg, girl - well at least you got rid of it lol

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lmfaoooo, oh my :joy:

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I once wrote AND published an entire mobile story with like 28 chapters about an Eminem fanfiction/love story.

You know what I did a year later? I tried to revamp it…

A few weeks ago, I locked it for good. I need to get away from that part of my past. xD


About a year ago I tried to write a thriller/action story in INK with awful directing and even worse plot/dialogue. It had some mafia aspects and it was just gross.

A few months after new guidelines were released, I archived it thankfully.

Title: The Wooden Clock

I had another story that was also sorta thriller/romance and it’s just- :nauseated_face:

I honestly hate mafia stories so thankfully my current story is tons better.

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I’m trying to find the cover, but it’s gone.

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an entire mobile story with 28 chapters?? - you were dedicated - i respect the grind :rofl:

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yes, i agree with you on that! :joy:

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oooof, girl… they were horrendous chapters. Incredibly short, boring, and just weird. xD


sound likes a good time to me :eyes:

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Well, still good job for writing on mobile, I could never. :sweat_smile:

And 28 chapters is a lot, I update like every month lol.


Honestly, I feel like it had SOME potential when I started to revamp it, but oh boy. It was too much. I just gave up on it. xD

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

Oh yeah, I was invested on it. xD At the time, I literally thought it was the best thing ever. Like yeah, okay girl… let’s glorify dating a guy that is pushing 50. :rofl:


Oh, yeah I also get totally invested as well. I spend like 99.99999% of my time coding.



i’m dead :skull:


Off-topic, but I love your pfp.

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literally what