What is the most trash advertising in your country?

What is the most trash advertising in your country? :joy:


In Singapore, they have a special(?) deal for Air Asia called a Holiday Quickie. So then one of their adverts was this thing where a middle-aged Wife was seducing her husband then they go for that Holiday Quickie, lol

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  1. Cigna Life Insurance. Had an ex rugby commentator or something try to sell us life insurance before delivering the line “I don’t want to be put out on the side of the road in a rubbish sack” wtf
  2. AA smart fuel
    Stereotype asians and taxi drivers? Check! Get a complaint from New Zealand Chinese Association for racism? Check!
  3. Drunk Driving Ads
    We are pretty famous for one liners like “want a couple more beersies bro?” And “You know I can’t eat you ghost chips” Iconic in my opinion but many disagree

Well in The Bahamas theres this anti-drug ad on a billboard by the main road of my island that reads “Beedis cause erectile dysfunction” over a picture with a depressed man sitting on the edge of a bed :pensive: with this angry woman staring at him :rage: Mind you, this on a main road near a primary school :joy:

And then there’s STD prevention ads which are almost ALWAYS very explicit. Not going into depth though but there are some on google if you’re curious

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Gilette maybe. There’s honestly a lot in America lol. Creepy Joe’s ad…that was cringe af XD

Um…there was a very short trend because it was the worst thing ever, giffing. Ick

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I’m not sure if this counts, but I once heard a radio commercial talking about car insurance, and they said “you don’t want to be some little white dude in a crash without insurance, right, man?”
The very next day, “white” had been removed so that the person only said “some little dude.”
And then the week after, the commercial vanished.

America’s people are too damn sensitive.


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