What is the point of contests?


Wouldn’t the authors who are either popular authors or who are friends with popular authors win all the contests? It’s like a hierarchy so I’m curious as to whats the point of them.


There was a whole discussion on this around the H&V contest. Maybe you’d want to read that so you can see everyone’s thoughts?
But basically, it’s about retention (the percentage of people who read your story all the way to the end) rather than the amount of reads. This means the under dogs still have a chance!


Contests do bring light to new authors which is a plus about them, but I also feel like this will never end. Popular authors will always be popular and take the spotlight, no matter what, sadly.


That’s not always true. If a popular author (say one with 20 million reads) leaves for 2 years, all there stories are in classic, and doesn’t post on insta or anything for 2 years, then there’s no guarantee that they’ll still be ultra popular and win every contest. Overtime, new authors come in and take the spotlight. There’s only a select few popular authors with popular stories from when I joined of which still post and are popular today.


You just told me what I was saying myself lol, I was referring to current authors.






well big authors and those with connections to big authors have the advantage no matter what because they can write a story and people will read it regardless.


I think that’s more of an opinion. Because even the argument of who counts as a popular author is a grey area. Authors I like and think are popular might be different to what others think.

And the way I see it, they’ve (bigger authors) got a higher chance of losing readers anyway. Idk if it’s just me, but when you’re a smaller author and you post here on the forums or whatever, I think a lot of people feel like they owe it to read all your episodes. For me, I certainly do because I remember having what felt like no reads for months! It’s sort of more personal than a big author promoting themselves on instagram, you know?


We have a whole discussion dedicated to that! We also think this algorithm doesn’t do any favors to small authors (as we’ve seen the results of H & V) but Episode is trying to promote small authors with weekly shelves!



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