What is the point of the Features + Art Suggestions Section?

During your time on this forum have you guys ever seen a user request ever being fulfilled? No sarcasm, I’m genuinely curious. I’ve been using the forums way before I decided to make this account, but I have never seen requests actually being carried out. There are threads in that section dating to the beginning of this year, which receive a lot of support and they are never answered?

This is not an episode bashing post, as I understand that the employees have a lot of shit on their plate and it’s not easy answering to everyone’s demands and requests. But what is the point of giving users the platform to request what they want to see more of, if you’re not even going to acknowledge them, let alone answer them?

And I’m not talking about tedious minuscule requests, I’m talking about certain things people have requested time and time again, that should be the priority!


Of course there are so many more but these are some popular examples.
CHARACTERS: Adding children
HAIR: Big curly hair
CLOTHING: LL dresses - wedding and formal
CLOTHING: LimeLight female [+male edit] (Victorian, Georgian, Rococo)
CLOTHING: 90's Clothing (Limelight)
HAIR: Frizzy Curly Hair- Limelight


I’ve been on here for a short time but I totally understand you. I’ve seen at least 20 discussions about body sizes,more Ink things, and more skins.


I’ve seen a feature request turn into reality. Although it was requested in INK, it was released in Limelight. The requester is okay with it, she knows there won’t be new INK updates so she pretty much gave up on that story’s INK version. :speak_no_evil:

Many people use it in their stories now, not one thanks to the requester. -,-


I think someone requested freckles and birthmarks a while ago but I’m not sure :sweat_smile:

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What was it?? :thinking: :thinking:

That’s nothing :joy: for example post about delete button for stories it’s up for years and it was a most popular feature on the old forum and still we can’t do it.

And yes a LOT of stuff we asked for INK (on the old forum and here) was made for LL so I’m pretty impressed on the stuff they’ve made and I don’t think they can make and release everything what people asking for but they’re trying and sooner or later most of them will be made and updated.


Yes, it was a request! :smile:

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Ah cool! I totally couldn’t remember

The jacket with badges, I think its called navy jacket or something. :speak_no_evil:

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The delete button thing pisses me off sooo much :sweat_smile:

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Same! :roll_eyes: 685 people support :weary: so far!

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That’s so sad

I have had two requests fulfilled on since February that had been fulfilled and one on the old forums that was fulfilled :wink: (Increase Line Limit, Random Character Generator & Connect Fanmail to Accounts on App)


Episode is implementing a lot of feature requests, but the ones they absolutely don’t want to implement just get left there unresolved.

they can’t just delete the person’s thread so there’s so many good, nonimplementable ideas just sitting there.

it’s kind of sad to me.