What is the problem with this background with overlay?


INT. BLACK - DAY with INT. TV CLOSE UP - DAY, I have uploaded the background, but with a clear part where the tv screen is, INT. TV CLOSE UP - DAY as an overlay. But right now the screen is completely gray/green/browinish…
The zoom is reseted, that isn’t the problem…
Anyone an idea how to fix this?

This is what I uploaded as overlay:


Was the screen of the tv cut out? That’s the only thing I can think of


Yeah, I cutted that out, so you can do on the tv what you want…
But I have done things like this before, but then it worked.
It is like the same as the selfie overlay of episode itself…


Wait, maybe because of the name, it used the episode one and not the one you cut out?


But still, you would see that (like the same but with a screen), not this weird coloured screen…


INT. TV CLOSE UP - DAY is not an overlay


I have uploaded it as an overlay :blush:
See the picture and read the text!


Oh ok sorry


Hmmm, sorry then. I’m all out of ideas


Oh, I just checked again, but it has to do with the zoom (since it was there when I zoomed out), it might just be one of those bugs in the online previewer. (since I have to zoom to 1% to get the whole image, but it is just the normal size…)
Let me check on my phone, then we know for sure!


Nope, the same problem is in the app preview, but it is really weird, since the overlay is just the 1 zone background size…
I really don’t know how to fix it… Since the character is like also really little…


Well, I have entered a ticket, this can be closed @ryan or @jeremy


INT. BLACK - DAY is extremely hard to work with for overlays. I don’t know why, but this background messes with the size and placement of your overlay. Your overlay is there, but it’s pretty huge and very far offscreen.


Yes. That is exactly what the problem was, I figured it out by trying another background! (and now I just added my own black background for this!)


I’m glad that worked! I struggled with INT. BLACK - DAY for the longest time before I figured it out :weary: