What is the problem with those layers?


@1 walks to screen center
@2 moves to layer 0 AND 1 moves to layer 1
@1 is hug AND 2 is hug_rear AND 2 faces left

The boy (2) is behind the girl (1)
I tried switching the layers, but that didn’t helped!


The layer 0 is behind the layer 1. You can try to change your layers.


See the change I made!


I don’t know then… It was supposed to work :sweat_smile:


Can you send a picture of your script?


Try changing the layer 0 to 1 and layer 1 to 2


I can try that, but I have use 0 and 1 before :thinking:


Sometimes it just seems like that…
what are you previewing it in…
the web previewer or the app previewer??


Web, but I am writing with someone so I don’t have the app previewer, only the shared version! But in the shared version it is wrong as well!


Sometimes the web previewer seems glichy and previews it wrongly…
say to that person that you are writing with to check it on her app…


See the change!


So have you checked it with the app one as well??


Well, I checked it in the app with the share link!


Then try changing the layers to negative numbers…


Didn’t helped either!


Then try the move command separately for both characters like this-

&2 moves to layer 0
@1 moves to layer 1


Didn’t worked either…
I really need this fixed…


What could be the issue then??
These layers works and maybe there is an error in your script somewhere else or its a glich as I tried this and it works perfectly fine for me…


Well, it is within a choice, and the hug is in both of the options, in the other one it works perfectly fine…


If it works fine in the other try changing that part where they hug each other with the part that works fine…
As I have this problem I just replaced a sign in my script and then it worked…