What is the red flag that makes you lose the taste of a story?

Now I feel bad for the romance I’m writing right now lol … But then again I’m never going to do it in that distasteful and lazy way as you described, I usually make it sound more realistic as to why they’d fall in love, especially if both fall at the same time, at a first glance

However, it does remind me of a mafia story I had to endure when grading it for this one girl who wanted my honest opinion and I realized how many of these types of scenes exist

The slow zoom from the knees to the head, when describing how handsome somebody is. Okay his face might be nice, or his abs, but his knees definitely don’t look good. In either drawing style, Classic, Ink or Limelight, the legs always look dry and thin and like they’re packing nothing, so when one of those zooms happen, it just makes the LI or MC that much less handsome and my reply is always “Yeah, sure, I’ll believe that’s attractive.” (in a sarcastic tone)

For me the red flag would be lack of character development or substance to the plot. If the characters don’t evolve or learn from their experiences, and it just feels like a repetitive sequence of events then I lose interest quickly. I also don’t like stories that move too fast between major plot points or relationship developments without enough build up or explanation.