What is the scummiest gem choice you've ever seen?

As is common with episode originals , most of the choices are scummy and emotionally manipulative. It’s honestly sickening. So let’s retailate by compiling them all here and tearing them a new Butthole! (but that costs 40 gems)


Here are some bad gem choices I’ve seen throughout the forums :sweat_smile:



what about you personally?

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Oh, I don’t read Episode Original stories so I have no idea :joy:

Edit: This thread will be of interest to you: Ridiculous and unnecessary gem choices that we're sick of


What even are these​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Scummy bushiness practices

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I dont remeber the story. but there was one where you could either pay up to say you had a good tour. or the free choice and say it was bad

also Jospeh Evans storie glitch girl had afew if I had bought I would be angry. it was outfits. a date outfit, where she got stod up. and the wedding which I didnt want in the first place, it got stopped, I am so happy I didnt buy the luxus wedding dress.

I was pretty pissed when I read bad boys girl and spent all those gems on Cole all for Tessa to pick Jay in the end :frowning_face:

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dang, that sound horrible. gem choices just arent worth it.


There was a 19 gem choice, and all it did was make me and my LI hug. after that, i never read gem stories again. (LOL)


In The Enchantress there was a gem choice to go into the glowing cave. Two things. One, it should be free. That’s literally the whole point of the story! Two, the MC goes in either way. And it cost like 30 gems! So me being dumb bought it. And then I found out the MC would still go in the cave, just later on in the episode. I got scammed of my gems. :roll_eyes:


Evry gem choice is a scam, I have yet to se one there really is worth it.


at the end of love on fire when you couldnt even see their future without using gems…i was pretty mad lol

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There was a choice to see your baby or not :roll_eyes:


ah yes, pay money to not starve. smh :eye::lips::eye:


tfff :joy:




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Oh God, it’s a thread made just for me…

I do respect that Episode is a business and that they need to make revenue. I do. But bruh…

The Evidence

From It Starts With A Lie, which just got removed, I believe.

Wow, uh, yeah…stick up for yourself or let Karen walk all over you.
Yup, you have to spend gems to wear something the MC owns by default.
Not to mention how the side character always looks sad when you choose the boring free option every time…like, stop fashion shaming me, Lewis! (From the Kiss List.)20210111_191450000_iOS|231x500 !
Basically, you have to spend gems to NOT be a selfish bench (from the infamous Portia Got Pregnant.)
And now you have to pay to apologize and be a decent person. (Same as above.)


Here some gem choices in My Brother’s Best Friend and boy, they are real scummy!

This is one is dumb

Now this really stupid, you have to pay 20 gems just to wear a gym outfit or your brother’s shorts and kitty t shirt that belongs to the her.

Go to Miami to pick your brother’s friend’s little brother for 25 gems, like wtf can’t we don’t anything normal without pay huge amount gems for a choice :roll_eyes:

Go on date with Parker for 25 gems, seriously. Like wtf that’s just an unreasonable price for gem choice just to go on a date

OK, I think that’s enough, I’m getting ded up looking at these gem choices i have shown up, do you agree?

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