What is the thing that draws you into a story

So hi guys , hope you’re having a good day , So while I was writing my story something came to my mind , I was wondering is there something that makes you addicted to a story or make you want to continue reading it ps share with us what do think :heartpulse:


I like bad girl stories with fighting things


Yeah like the story "Not interested "
Thnx for giving your opinion


Yeah and ones that fight for equality or something like that


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I’m drawn to stories featuring defined leads. I personally enjoy it whenever a character has specific personality traits. :grin: Such as a fiery, sarcastic female lead. Or a strong willed, independent male lead (and so on). It as well has to have a decent intro. Something that doesn’t seem to have been put together in five minutes. If a story has something going “My name is ——. I’m —. My dad ———. I’m a ——.” You get the picture. Something like a deep monologue or information about an event- or even a jump to something important happening is what will ensure I don’t click out.

Good directing is an absolute must!! I mean… look at Adrenaline?? Can we admire how much work and effort that took to code and omfg-


Having it be somewhat realistic, not just a hollywood dream. When making choices, it often feels like you are forced to choose the ‘nice’ choice when in fact if said incident happened to you in real life, you would be livid and more likely to lash out!!

I like good writing, not just using teen phrases, and I like character development, a good back story, some depth.

A good plot and some surprise twists will always draw me in! As well as some witty banter and quirky mannerisms.

I actually look for a good plot in a story as directing is a little hard when you are writing your first story!
The things that I mostly look for are strong MCs not the ones that can’t even stand for themselves. I would probably stop reading it if I found this…
The second thing like I mentioned a good plot and at least a decent bit of directing.
The third is the LENGTH of the story. I won’t waste my passes on a story that doesn’t even have ten minutes of time!

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Have you seen the latest Adrenaline? Ebonni somehow did the coding of touching buttons without a choice, you tapped the number and it worked, I’m so confused on how she did that, like coding must have been crazy

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Tappable overlays maybe?

how?? scary

It’s a new feature in beta testing

Oml cooool

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